Music Educator of the Year Award

1997    Catherine Brodie
1999    John Fedosky
2000    Tina Lewis
2002    Norma Freeman
2003    Steven Waters
2004    Karen Ambs
2005    Linda Louisell
2006    Andrea Hofmeister
2007    Daniel Steele
2008    John A. Lychner
2009    Ellen Owen
2010    Jeannine M. Coughlin
2011    Judith Thompson-Barthwell
2012    Wendee Wolf-Schlarf
2013    Diane Schrems
2014    Cindy Taggart
2015    Colleen Conway
2016    Judy Palac
2018 Amy Fenton
2022 Cathy Fox

*Year listed is the year the award was given, presented at the MMC the following year (2 months later). For example, 2014 awards would have been presented at the 2015 MMC.

Background and Purpose: To recognize outstanding merit in music teaching, this award will be made to individuals who have served their students, communities and profession in a exemplary manner. Any member of MMEA is eligible. Nominations must be submitted by a MMEA member.

The nominee should:

  1. Be a current member in good standing of MMEA/NAfME (We request that nominee be present at the annual MMEA luncheon to receive the award at the Michigan Music Conference. )
  2. Have a commitment and dedication to her or his students.
  3. Have been in music education for 11 or more years.
  4. Meet the needs and interests of students in a creative manner, bring about learning, growth, and development in all areas
  5. Be aware and cognizant of the literature, research and current issues in the field of music education.
  6. Contribute personal effort and time beyond the normal teaching duties in promoting music education and the arts in her or his school system, community, region and/or state.

You may be requested at a later date to submit the following documentation supporting your nomination:

  1. Summary of reasons you feel the above candidate should receive award.
  2. Candidate’s resume including education and employment history, administrative support, etc.
  3. Three or more letters of endorsement and recommendation from persons familiar with the nominee’s work. One of these must be from an administrator. Other sources could be community members, parents, or colleagues.