Small Ensemble Clinic

We are excited to offer a new performance opportunity for students!  A small ensemble clinic will model our popular large ensemble clinics. Middle and High School ensembles from trios to full chamber ensemble (20 student max) are welcome to perform on stage for, and receive a clinic with, two master teacher clinicians. Students can perform in any combination of instruments with no restrictions on music selection.

Basic information regarding our clinics:

  1. This small ensemble clinic is open to ensembles from trio to full chamber ensembles (max 20 players).
  2. Ensembles will perform on stage and, following your performance, will get a clinic with one of our two clinicians.
  3. These clinicians are either college band directors or retired high school band directors who have been selected for their ability to work with groups at all age levels.
  4. Your group will NOT receive a rating. Our goal is for you your ensembles to have a venue to perform, receive constructive feedback, AND to hear other groups of a similar ability level.
  5. We believe that students are not given enough opportunities to hear other students their age play and we want to remedy that. Consequently, your ensemble will be scheduled near other groups of your age/ability level so that this experience is not just a performing one, but also a listening one.
  6. There are no restrictions on the literature ensembles play.
  7. Junior high/middle school groups are given 15 minutes to play/work with the clinician and high school groups are given 20 minutes. You can use that time however you’d like.
  8. This is a perfect event if you wish to use it as a preparation for another festival or as a substitute for the traditional festival model. Either way, we’d love to have you.
  9. Two original scores and original parts for all players will be required for all participating ensembles.

Clinic Locations: We will have one site, Hartland H.S (Joe Guarr, host) 

Date: February 8, 2020

Entry Fees:

MMEA Member
MS – $10 per student
HS – $15 per student

MS – $15 per student
HS – $20 per student

You may pay by credit card or choose our new offline payment option. An invoice reflecting your total due will be sent to you with payment instructions. Itemized invoices can be sent upon request–please email and we’ll generate one asap.

Registration Now Open

 The Michigan Music Education Association (MMEA) thanks you and your students for participating in our events.  As part of all our activities pictures and videos are taken.  MMEA later uses these photographs and videos in all aspects of our online and print media.  Please contact us at if you know of a student who does not wish to appear in photos or videos so we can take steps to maintain their privacy.  Thank you!

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 If you have any questions about the day, please do not hesitate to email our host, Joe Guarr: