Interested in Giving to MMEA?

As a music educator, you know how valuable a quality music education is to Michigan students.  As a dedicated teacher and musician, you know the joy of seeing a student excel not only in music, but in all other areas of their academic and personal lives because of participation in general music, band, orchestra, choir or any other musical course or ensemble.  What’s more, you see firsthand how the skills learned in your classroom create well-rounded students.  You build creative minds capable of capturing emotion in any art-form, but you also develop critical thinking skills, teamwork and a sense of participating in something larger than yourself.  In addition, students involved in music often participate in concerts, musicals, after school rehearsals and weekend activities—helping them to develop fantastic study and time-management skills.  These are the skills that will help students succeed in any field, music or otherwise, throughout their entire lives. 

We are asking for YOUR help.  MMEA provides numerous professional development opportunities for current and pre-service teachers, as well as performance opportunities for students of all ages.  In order to maintain this great programming and develop new workshops, ensembles and activities for teachers and students, we need your financial support.  We are asking for whatever donation you can give to help support our initiatives to further the teacher’s craft and the student’s musical experience.  It doesn’t have to be much—every little bit helps.  Your donation is tax deductible, and you will receive a letter confirming your donation for your tax records. You will be asked to designate where your donation will be used – our Student Scholarship Fund or Professional Development Scholarships. If you have no preference you may choose to have your donation placed on our General Fund. Please print the attached giving statement below, enclose your donation, and see what a difference you can make in a child’s musical life.  Thank you for helping MMEA as we strive to enhance the quality of music education for all students in Michigan!