Ruth Ann Knapp Advocacy for Music Education Award

Ruth Ann Knapp has served the MMEA in many capacities for over 50 years, including two terms as president. She is particularly effective in networking and communication regarding advocacy for music education at local and state levels, and has involved herself in local and state political action toward improving education and music education for all students, including serving on the Saginaw School Board. In the spirit of Ruth Ann Knapp’s work, this award recognizes individuals or organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to advocating for music education programs in the state of Michigan.

To recognize an individual music educator, organization or corporation who has demonstrated outstanding sustained support and/or advocacy for music education programs in Michigan at the local, state, and/or federal level.

Individual nominees should:

  1. be a current member in good standing of MMEA
  2. be a music educator at the K-12 or higher education levels
  3. have demonstrated meaningful and sustained advocacy efforts over several years.

Organization nominees should:

  1. be consistently affiliated with MMEA.
  2. have demonstrated meaningful and sustained music education advocacy efforts over several years.

You may be requested at a later date to submit the following documentation supporting your nomination:

  1. Summary of reasons nominator feels the above candidate should receive award. 
  2. Individual: Resume including education and employment history, administrative support, etc.
  3. Organization: Description of how this organization is affiliated with MMEA and what the organization does.