Award of Merit

2005    Annette Yared Stein
2008    Jeffrey S. Kimpton
2009    Randi L’Hommedieu
2011    Terese Volk Tuohey
2012    John Kratus
2013    Shirley Lemon
2014    Dan Steele
2015    Betty Anne Younker
2016    Dr. Christina Hornbach
2018 Denise Wilkinson, Michael Norman
2022: Carin McEvoy

*Year listed is the year the award was given, presented at the MMC the following year (2 months later). For example, 2014 awards would have been presented at the 2015 MMC.

Background: In January of 1970 the first “Award of Merit” was presented to Clyde Vroman, Director of Admissions, the University of Michigan, for his concept of the Midwestern Music Conference involving various organizations in the state. The award is given for outstanding service to the Michigan Music Education Association over a long span of time. The Award, if granted, will be presented at the MMEA Luncheon/Business Meeting at the Michigan Music Conference in January.

Purpose: To recognize an individual who has given exemplary service to the MMEA and music education in Michigan. The nominee must be a member in good standing of MMEA/NAfME. Nominations must be submitted by a member of MMEA.

You may be requested at a later date to submit the following documentation supporting your nomination:

  1. A letter stating the nominee’s qualifications for the award
  2. Supporting statements in the letter or attached documents indicating of the person’s service to MMEA
  3. Supporting statements in the letter or attached documents explaining how this individual has contributed to the advancement of music education in Michigan