The Michigan Music Education Associa­tion (MMEA) is an organization through which music educators at all levels and in all fields develop professionally and com­municate with each other. The association works closely with other agencies and or­ganizations involved in education. MMEA members engage in music teaching or re­lated activities at all institutional levels from pre-school through higher educa­tion. Collegiate chapters are located on most college and university campuses.

Through its professional conferences, publications, and cooperative work with other organizations, MMEA provides leadership, advocacy, inspiration, and guidance in the area of research for PK-16 music edu­cators in Michigan.

The Higher Education committee of MMEA highlights new scholarship relating to music teaching and learning. Research-to-Practice sessions featured at the annual Michigan Music Conference (MMC) provide educators with current research to inform and improve their programs.

MMEA Research Poster Session – “Meet the Authors” is a forum for the dissemination and discussion of new scholarship relating to music teaching and learning. Submissions are invited for poster presentations only, held Friday, January 25. Literature reviews and works in progress are welcome.

The submission deadline for the 2019 MMEA Research Poster Session is Friday, November 9th, 2018.  Please see the official Call for Posters 2018-2019 for further details. 

Posters will be displayed on Friday and feature the work of professors, graduate students, and in-service teachers.  SCECH credits are available for both participants and observers.

All poster presenters must be members of NAfME/MMEA or one of the other Michigan Music Conference (MMC) sponsoring organizations (MSBOA, MSVMA, MASTA), and must register for the entire conference. Information about registration can be found at

Please direct inquiries about the Symposium to Shannan Hibbard, Research Committee Chair, at

Journal Links

Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education (abstracts only) 

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eJournal of Studies in Music Education 

General Music Today 

International Journal of Education and the Arts 

Journal for Learning through the Arts

Journal of Artistic and Creative Education 

Journal of Music Teacher Education 

Journal of Research in Music Education (abstracts only w/o subscription)

Michigan Music Educator

Music Education Research International 

Music Teachers National Association e-journal 

Nordic Research in Music Education Yearbook 

Research and Issues in Music Education

Reviews of Research in Human Learning and Music 

Update: Applications of Research in Music Education 

Using Research and Reason in Education (PDF Book – Good Introduction to Education Research)

Visions of Research in Music Education


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