MMEA Website Update

Please take a moment to read this important update concerning recent events related to this website:

On the evening of January 22, 2020 the NAfME WordPress website network was compromised. The MMEA website went offline, along with several other state sites. NAfME has been working around the clock to rebuild all sites and bring them back back to full functionality. This is a tremendous task and will take some time. Our site came back online in the past week and we now have limited editing capabilities restored. As of this time, the following is a list of website features that are not yet working. All will be restored in the coming weeks.

  • Our Events calendar is formatted slightly differently, and not all events are posted or correct. Please refer to the event pages for up-to-date information.
  • You may see odd notices occasionally at the bottom of pages. If these persist, or appear instead of the link you need, please report to
  • Some links may not be working. We are in the process of checking each page and repairing all links if needed. If a link is not working for you, please check back or notify us at
  • Registration is not functional at this time. We do not have a restoration date as of yet, but expect to have a better timeline on this at the end of this week.  If you need to confirm your child for Elementary Honors Choir participation or have a group registered for our Instrumental Clinics, please refer to these event pages for contacts who may assist you.
  • All remaining sites/dates for our Instrumental Clinics are now full. Please do not attempt to enter additional groups.
  • Our Jobs listing is now partially operational. Employers are NOT able to enter new job listings for review and publication at this time. This function is expected to be restored by the end of March. As always, if you know of a job opening (permanent placement or long term substitute), email this information to and it will be posted for you. Please spread the word – there have been few jobs to list this year and we’re always looking for more!

We are continuing to work daily to restore the information on our website. Thank you all for your patience during this time!