Call for Editorial Board Members

The Michigan Music Educator (MME), journal of the Michigan Music Education Association, is moving to an online format in Spring 2021. In conjunction with the change of format, the journal is soliciting qualified MMEA members to serve as part of the MME Editorial Board.

Vision: The Michigan Music Educator (MME) exists to empower music educators at all levels to share resources, practices, and research. MME seeks to increase engagement of music educators and the public/stakeholders in realizing the mission and goals of the Michigan Music Education Association.


  • Provide a reputable resource for current and trending practice.
  • Bring readers a greater awareness of MMEA events and actions.
  • Engage new educators, educators in training, and retired educators, as well as relevant personnel (superintendents, professional musicians, etc.).
  • Encourage more people who work actively in the field to participate in scholarly work.
  • Increase engagement of music educators and the public/stakeholders in contributing to the betterment of access to quality music education.

Qualifications & Expectations: Editorial Board members should be members of MMEA with the requisite academic and pedagogical background to contribute to the tasks assigned to the committee. The primary task of committee members is the peer review of appropriate e-content. Other relevant tasks may include assisting in soliciting content, soliciting advertising, copy editing, and disseminating content on social media. The Editorial Board will have regularly scheduled meetings (online) as necessary, not exceeding one per month, to further the work of the journal.

The MME is seeking Editorial Board members with a variety of backgrounds in instrumental, choral, and general music. The journal is also looking for committee members who can successfully evaluate research from a variety of methodological perspectives as well as practitioner-based discussions of current and emerging resources and practices. 

Inquiries and/or Nominations: Inquiries regarding the MME Editorial Board, as well as nominations (including self-nominations) should be directed to William Perrine, MME editor at Please submit 2021 nominations by Monday, January 11 2021 for full consideration. 

Call for Content / Papers

The Michigan Music Educator (MME), journal of the Michigan Music Education Association, is moving to a new online format in Spring 2021. In preparation for the launch of the online version of the journal, the MME is soliciting contributions for peer reviewed consideration.

The Editorial Board encourages MMEA members to submit articles of interest to our profession, and encourages this important professional development activity for all members. Articles may be authored or co-authored, address a variety of relevant topics/areas, and may be considered at any time. Submitted articles will be peer-reviewed by the Editor and Editorial Board members. 

An online format allows a greater degree of flexibility than a traditional journal in terms of content, format, and timeliness. The MME thus invites solicitations for discussion of current and trending practices, emerging resources in the music classroom, as well as traditional research related to classroom practice.


  1. The Editor encourages the submission of manuscripts on all phases of music education at every instructional level.
  2. Manuscripts should be concise, to-the-point, and well-structured. Length of manuscripts should generally match the type of content submitted. The following categories are suggested to authors, but should not be read as exclusive of the formats acceptable for peer-reviewed online publication: 
    1. Resource Reviews: Brief resource reviews could include a review of new music, curriculum, books, technology, or other resources of interest to music educators. Suggested average length: 250 to 500 words, or 1 to 2 double-spaced, typewritten pages in 11 point Times New Roman Font. 
    2. Practitioner Blogs: What in traditional print might have been a column article, focused on current or trending teaching practices or a more in-depth discussion of important emerging resources. Suggested average length: 750 to 1,500 words, or 3 to 4 double-spaced, typewritten pages in 11 point Times New Roman Font.
    3. Feature Article: Either practitioner or research (any methodology) relevant to music education in Michigan. Suggested average length: 2,500 words or more, or 6+ double-spaced, typewritten pages in 11 point Times New Roman Font.
  3. Avoid generalizations and complex constructions. The content will generally be more interesting, have more impact, and be more persuasive if you try to write in a straightforward manner.
  4. You may use any writing style as long is it is appropriate to the type of article you are submitting. Please be sure to use the correct form in the References section. If you have any questions pertaining to style, please do not hesitate to contact the Editor.
  5. The Michigan Music Educator is always pleased to receive photographs with a manuscript, especially when those photographs enhance the information in the text. Digital photos are preferred in pdf, jpg, or tiff formats. Please ensure all subjects in photographs have provided permission to be included in publication. Please contact the Editor for a sample media release form.
  6. Music examples, diagrams, and footnotes should appear on separate pages at the end of the manuscript.
  7. Include biographical information (50 words or fewer) and headshot (jpeg, gif, or tiff) for each author with the submitted manuscript.
  8. Manuscripts should be submitted via email attachment, saved in a MS Word for Windows or Mac format. If this is not possible, please contact the Editor for alternatives.
  9. In accordance with the “Code of Ethics,” submitting a manuscript indicates that it has not been published previously and is not currently submitted for publication elsewhere, either in its entirety or in part. Distribution on the Internet may be considered prior publication and may compromise the originality of the paper as a submission to the MME. Authors should describe in what form and how a manuscript has been previously distributed. Authors are expected to comply with APA ethical standards and institutional and federal regulations in the treatment of human subjects ( 
  10. The Michigan Music Educator assumes copyright of all published articles. 

Submissions should be sent to William Perrine, editor ( If you do not receive an email confirmation within two business days of submission, please contact the Editor in a separate email without file attachments.