Instrumental Clinic Registration


Please note our payment options:

  1. PayPal (PayPal account OR credit card)
  2. Pay offline (For payment by check or purchase order. 
  3. An itemized invoice is available upon request, please email Cory Mays at


*NOTE: This is, BY NO MEANS, an attempt to "rate" your band. When we group ensembles together for listening purposes, we would like students to be exposed to music that they might play. For example, if your band is playing music at a Class B level, we want your students to hear other bands playing Class B music. School size does not matter. You play whatever you want to play.
You will not be given a rating, but if you would like a participant's plaque, we are more than willing to provide one. Completely optional.
We will make ALL efforts to try and work around anything you need.
Membership is not required to participate in this event, but members do receive a $25 discount per ensemble.