Important Information on Revised Teacher Certification Structure

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) recently released a proposal for a revised teacher certification structure in the state (emailed to all Michigan Teachers Friday, 5/19/17).
The Michigan Music Education Association’s (MMEA) Executive Committee encourages our members to watch the proposed certification structure video and give feedback on the survey. Both can be found here:
Based upon our review, the MMEA has the following responses to the proposal:
  *  The MMEA supports the elimination of the “all subjects loophole” that allowed teachers with K-5 and/or K-8 “all subjects” certificates to teach music.
  *  We support the addition of PK to the current K-12 certificate.
  *  We support the continuation of an undifferentiated music certificate. (That is, music teachers are certified to teach all types of music).
  *  We are very concerned about the option for teachers who hold non-music certificates to add music “specialization,” without recognition of the musical skills, content knowledge, and pedagogical content knowledge that are specific to music educators. Any such “specialization” would require much time in skill development and coursework to provide quality instruction for children in any of the proposed grade bands.
The MMEA supports the proposed teacher certification structure, with the caveat described above. The music PK-12 certificate is an effective approach for preparing music teachers who are able to adapt to the changing needs of students and districts around the state over the course of their career.
Please feel free to call/email Cory Micheel-Mays anytime with questions or concerns.