Friend of Music Education Award

2005    Jack Pierson
2006    Michael P. Flanagan
2007    Mark and Mary Logsdon
2008    Marshall Music (D. Marshall and B. Woodhull)
2010    Kim Dabbs

*Year listed is the year the award was given, presented at the MMC the following year (2 months later). For example, 2014 awards would have been presented at the 2015 MMC.

Background and Purpose: To recognize an individual, organization, school board, or corporation who has contributed in a significant way to the support of music education in Michigan. Nominations must be submitted by a member of MMEA.

You may be requested at a later date to submit the following documentation supporting your nomination:

  • Summary of reasons you feel the above should receive this award. Consideration should be given to the following qualifications: quality of service rendered, number of years involved, number of people affected and service given beyond the call of duty.