Honors Composition

Honors Composition Concert

The MMEA Honors Composition Concert is an outstanding event that provides an opportunity for students to compose and perform original music, and is open to students in grades K-12.  Winners are invited to perform their compositions at the Michigan Music Conference (MMC,) held in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Composers can perform their piece on their own or in a small ensemble, conduct a large ensemble performing their work or solicit musicians to perform the composition.  All winners are responsible for obtaining their own performers.
This year’s Honors Composition Concert will take place on Saturday, January 26, 2019 at 11 AM during the Michigan Music Conference (MMC.)  The Ambassador Ballroom is the performance site, located in the beautiful Amway Grand Plaza Hotel (downtown Grand Rapids).  This year’s rehearsal/performance schedule will be as follows:
9-9:30 AM                 Set-Up
9:30-10:45 AM          Rehearsal/Sound Check
11 AM – 12:30 PM     Performance
Entries are now open for this event
Entries must be received by November 2, 2018

The Michigan Music Education Association (MMEA) thanks you and your students for participating in our events.  As part of all our activities pictures and videos are taken.  MMEA later uses these photographs and videos in all aspects of our online and print media.  Please contact Cory Micheel-Mays (cmicheelmays@sbcglobal.net) if you know of a student who does not wish to appear in photos or videos so we can take steps to maintain their privacy.  Thank you!


  • Nicholas Bhandari – Beginning, End, and All in Between
  • Tom Bowerman – Beginning, End, ad All in Between
  • Maura Drinkert – The Ticking Clock
  • Alex Ge – Harmonies of the Mystic Forest
  • Miles Goedert – The Lost Muse
  • Noah Mallett – The Peevish Little Parakeet
  • Larissa Michel – Elegie
  • Joseph Miller – Night Time Thoughts
  • Ancel Neeley – Through Silver Moonlight
  • Ian Plankster – Clavicembalo Sonata in G
  • Jack Reeves – In The Water/The Fall
  • Matthew Tan – Composition Project for Tamir
  • Weston Welch – Distant Hope
  • Jacob Zufall – Turbulence



  • Charles Berofsky – Cascade
  • Carly Bins – One Shot of Courage
  • Lucy Freeman – Blizzard
  • Miles Goedert – Soliloquy
  • Andrew Gretzinger – Elegie Appassionato
  • Vaughn Haynes – Dance the Night Away
  • Noah Mallett – Scherzo
  • Liam McElroy – Autumn Sky
  • Joseph Miller – Prelude in Bb Minor
  • Sara Morden – Beyond the Elements
  • Ancel Neeley – Askew
  • Ian Plankster – Sonata for Two
  • Clayton Riegger – Violincello Sonata in la Minore: Allegro
  • Nikolas Simon – Recitative and Allegro Inspired by Sarasate
  • Kendall Trinka – Hostage
  • William VanZytyeld – Classical Musings
  • Andrew Wassell – New England
  • Weston Welch – Winter’s Night
  • Nick Wood – The Passion of Jesus Christ

Michigan Youth Arts Festival (MYAF)

MMEA supports the Michigan Youth Arts Festival (MYAF) which occurs every May at Western Michigan University. High school students are chosen for their talent in music composition and invited to MYAF to learn from a well respected music composition composer. High school composers who submit their works to MMEA to be selected to perform at the Michigan Music Conference are in the pool of students to be invited to attend MYAF.

Visit the Michigan Youth Arts Festival website for more information.

HC Online App (2018)

Student Release Form, Honors Comp. 2019


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