March is Music in Our Schools Month!

Let’s kick off the 38th annual Music In Our Schools Month® (MIOSM®) with strong and unmissable energy! This March, NAfME President Scott R. Sheehan wants to highlight the inherent virtues of music, including its ability to bring people together, create a sense of belonging, and cultivate relationships. Join President Sheehan in sharing your and your students’ stories showing “What Music Means to Me.” Submit photos, videos, or short written testimonials (using this survey link) sharing the impact music has had on you and your students. Please ensure you have permission prior to sharing student testimonials. The photo, video, or written testimonial will be shared on NAfME social media accounts and member communications in March (be sure to follow @NAfME and the hashtags #MIOSM and #MusicIsAllOfUs). 

The goal is to collect enough stories to put together an MIOSM collage that will be part of our end-of-month MIOSM celebration taking place virtually on March 28, 7:00 pm ET! To ensure that President Sheehan’s vision includes testimonies from as many voices as possible, please share this survey to your own social network.

Suggested Testimonial Prompts 

  • Why is music important to you? 
  • How has music/music education impacted your life? 
  • What do you think is the value of music education?

NAfME believes that providing educators with a variety of ways to raise awareness for MIOSM will lead to more participation from supporters in advocating for music education in March—and the rest of the year. MIOSM provides the opportunity to put a spotlight on that advocacy and build momentum for the rest of the year. All submitted photo, video, or written testimonials will be shared on a special page on the NAfME website, which you can visit throughout March and where you can also access content provided by the NAfME Councils: social media posts, morning announcements, and other ways for you to celebrate MIOSM in your school and community.  

We are excited to share this opportunity to participate in showing our communities “What Music Means to Me” for each of usWhether you share your own testimonial or re-share this campaign on social media, your photo, video, or written testimonial will help spread awareness about the importance of music education. We look forward to hearing your stories and hope you have a wonderful MIOSM! Feel free to direct questions to