MMEA Officers Presenting at Informed by the Arts 2022

We know that the Arts are a broad yet vital grouping of disciplines that are not only engaging for students, but key to developing student SEL, collaboration, communication, and innovation skills. We also know that high quality Arts professional development is not only important for our Arts educators, but can be applied to all subject areas as well.

That’s why the Michigan Education Association’s Center for Leadership and Learning is proud to announce the Informed by the Arts Webinar Series for 2022, which is a collaboration with the Michigan Arts Education Instruction and Assessment Project (MAEIA), the Michigan Art Education Association (MAEA), the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MAC), and the Michigan Music Education Association (MMEA).

Full descriptions of the sessions and dates can be found here.

Register to the right for the learning session you are interested in attending. SCECH credit and certificates of completion are available for interested Michigan Education Association (MEA) members.

All sessions this year will be held over Zoom and you will receive a Zoom link upon completion of registration.

See full descriptions of the sessions here and the overview of dates and topics below:

  • Visual Journals & Sketchbooks: The What, Why, & How!-4/19/2022
  • How To Fund and Grow Your Arts Program – The Michigan Arts and Culture Council-4/20/2022
  • Getting to Center: Self-regulation through the Arts-4/21/2022
  • Grant Writing For Fine Arts Educators-4/26/2022
  • Integrating Design Thinking in the K-12 Classroom-4/27/2022
  • Processing the pandemic experience with K-8 students through music and the arts -4/28/2022.

Please find our own President Elect, Shannan Hibbard and Treasurer, Ashleigh Lore who will be presenting!