Instrumental Clinics

Online Registration for 2018 clinics will be available in the fall. Please contact site hosts directly with any questions regarding logistics, provided percussion instruments, etc. We are excited to welcome our fourth & newest site to the list below, Mona Shores High School. We look forward to seeing you all at our 2018 events!
2018 Concert Band Clinic Locations
Mona Shores H.S. (Jason Boyden, host): Friday & Saturday, February 23 & 24, 2018
Fowlerville H.S. (Bill Vliek, host): Friday & Saturday, March 2 & 3, 2018
Belleville H.S. (Mike Campbell & Nick Taylor, hosts): Thursday & Friday, March 15 & 16, 2018
Hartland H.S. (Brad Laibly, host): Friday & Saturday, March 16 & 17, 2018
For those who have not attended in previous years, here are some things you’ll want to know.
  1. Your band will perform on stage and, following your performance, will get a clinic with one of our three clinicians.
  2. These clinicians are either college band directors or retired high school band directors who have been selected for their ability to work with groups at all age levels.
  3. Your group will NOT receive a rating. Our goal is for you and your band to have a venue to perform, receive constructive feedback, AND to hear other groups of a similar ability level.
  4. We  believe that students are not given enough opportunities to hear other bands their age play and we want to remedy that. Consequently, your band will be scheduled near other groups of your age/ability level so that this experience is not just a performing one, but also a listening one.
  5. There are no restrictions on the literature you play or the amount of time you wish to play.
  6. Junior high/middle school groups are given 25 minutes to play/get cliniced, and high school groups are given 40 minutes. You can use that time however you’d like.
  7. At the end of the day, each band will receive a high quality CD recording of their performance as well as recorded comments from all 3 clinicians on one CD.
  8. Though your band will not be rated, you may elect to receive a participant’s plaque.
  9. This is a perfect event if you wish to use it as a preparation for another festival or as a substitute for the traditional festival model. Either way, we’d love to have you.
Cost for the event is $175 per ensemble.  If you’re a member of MMEA, take $25 off the cost of EACH ensemble. If you’re bringing more than one ensemble (within the same building), take an additional $25 off each ensemble PAST THE FIRST.  At the bottom of this email is a link to the registration page.  Invoices can be sent upon request–just let me know.  If you’d like to become a member of MMEA, please visit our website:  
If you have any questions about the day, please do not hesitate to email our hosts:


Brad Laibly: (HARTLAND)

Mike Campbell: (BELLEVILLE)