Elementary Honors Choir Application


  • Student: I am applying for membership in the MMEA Elementary Honors Choir. I understand that this is a privilege and I will do my best to learn my music and contribute in a positive way during rehearsals and at the concert.
  • Parent: My child is interested in becoming a member of the MMEA Elementary Honors Choir. I will encourage my child to learn their music and represent themselves, myself and their school in the highest possible way.
  • Music Teacher: My student has demonstrated aptitude in 1) music reading skills; 2) tone quality; 3) social skills; 4) willingness to work with peers and adults; and 5) aptitude for success with long rehearsals. I will encourage him/her to learn the music and be a positive participant at rehearsals and the concert.
  • Telephone (call our dedicated Honors Choir line and, at the prompt, sing your audition). 320-204-MMEA (6632)
  • .mp3 via email
  • .wav via email
  • CD mp3 recording, via snail mail
  • CD wav recording, via snail mail